Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy birthday Dad!

Two weekends ago, we had the awesome opportunity to celebrate a very special moment- my dad's 60th birthday. Throughout my life, my father has been such an amazing inspiration and example in my life. He is a hard worker, a wonderful spouse, and a loving and supportive parent.

His party was a great chance for him to get together with many of our friends, family, and his work colleagues. He is a wonderful father to me, Ally and Ryan and a super cute grandfather to Savannah. Dad, we love you!

Here are some pictures from his party. We held the party at Twin Oaks Park- we were blessed with beautiful weather and had a wonderful time. I even think we managed to keep it a surprise, which if you know us, is no small feat!

Waiting for the birthday boy to arrive with my girl!

We did it! We pulled off a surprise!
The birthday boy!

Two of the biggest blessings in my life- my wonderful parents.

The whole family- if you know how hard it is for us to get a good pic, you'll truly appreciate this one!

A display of Dad's 60 years. If you click in to this picture, you'll see some examples of how truly hideous I was. Seriously, what was I thinking when I was younger? I blame mom...

Dad, Mom, Karen and Steve- the Smith clan!

I love the swings!

Sliding is fun! Here I go!

It was a wonderful day, celebrating good friends, good family, and 60 years of the amazingness that is David Forrest Smith (DFS for short). Dad, we love you!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Graduation and the beginning of spring (finally!)

Well, it's been a busy few weeks in the Metzger house. Over the past weekends, we have had at least one (and sometimes more) overnight guests at our house. This is because there have been a lot of exciting happenings in the past few weeks!

Last weekend, Uncle Tyler came into town. Here are all of the Metzger men!

Savannah has learned a new favorite word, and a new favorite activity. She now wants to be "outside" ALL of the time! She loves playing outside, in her swing, and walking around. She cries when we make her come inside. Here is a picture of her- she gets sad when the dogs get to go outside without her!

Hey, wait for me!

Last week, I was watching an old dance video, and lo and behold, Savannah became super interested in watching the dancers. She even clapped along with the audience at the end of each dance. I think that this is my proudest parenting moment so far!

Watching her dancers!

Last weekend, Aunt Natalie graduated from Webster University. We are so proud of her and look forward to all of the wonderful things that I know she will do with her life in the future. We celebrated with the ceremony and a party afterwards at George and JoAnn's house.

Aunt Natalie with her Hoeckele's graduation cake.

Natalie with the dean of the College of Fine Arts.

This isn't a great pic, but I love her happy little smile! That's my girl!
 Savannah also got to experience her first ice cream cone this week. One day after work, Mom, Ally and I took an impromptu visit to Fritz's- my first high school job! Savannah clearly isn't my child, as she only took about two bites and then amused herself by trying to run into traffic on Old 141. But I managed to get a few cute pics, and isn't that the most important part??

Yummy, let me have it!

Mommy, this is cold!
 This should be a fun weekend for our family too. More later!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

16 months!

Dear Savannah,

How has it already been 16 months! Seems like just yesterday that we went to the hospital to have you, but you are now a walking, chattering tornado with a mind of your own!

You are becoming a very adventerous walker, which has led to a few spills, a few tears, and a few forehead bruises. You is really doing well with it though. You still can't stand up without pulling up on furniture, so that is the next trick that you will have to learn! Overall, though, you are very good at getting around and love to run around, rather than be held or carried!

You talk all the time. You definitely do a lot of jabbering, but you say quite a few words. In addition to the ones I've already talked about, you have added "oh boy, I know, Neigh (what does a horsey say?), Ooh aah (What does a monkey say?), Kiki (kitty), book, opposites (from your FAVE book, the Book of Opposites), back, bath, up, what's that, who's that, no no (your current favorite- you use it for everything that we have told you not to touch- outlets, the toilet, trashcans, etc.), uh oh, nana (for banana). You also say hi and bye to everyone that comes in and out of the door. Recently, you have started saying hi to everyone that we walk past at Target, the grocery store, etc. It is hilarious but a little embarrasing as you literally chase people around the store yelling "hi! hi!". But generally people think you are cute and funny. I know I do!

Your favorite toys are all books. You love the same ones you always have, and bring them to me or Mick to read to you all the time. You still take a bottle in the morning and at night, but we will begin phasing those out soon. You have recently started watching Clifford's Puppy Days in the morning, and seem to really enjoy it. That's the only time that you really watch TV. Plus, it gives Mommy and Daddy a chance to get ready for work!

You also still love your push toy that Laura and Kyle got you, as well as your singing picnic basket. Your favorite toys are still remotes, iPhones, etc. You love your tree swing that we have in the backyard, and you LOVE to chase the cat around. Sometimes she'll even let you pet her, which thrills you to no end.

You still take two naps during the day, and go to bed around 7:00-7:30ish. You love baths, and I think that you are really going to enjoy going to the pool this summer. We take walks around the neighborhood a lot, and all of the neighbors think that you are the cutest thing. Of course, we do to. Not that we are biased or anything.

You wear some 12 month and some 18 month clothes. You are still a peanut. You still hate bows and won't wear them. This makes mommy sad. Hopefully, someday you will decide that bows are alright.

You don't have a ton of baby friends right now, but you hang out with Brady quite a bit since he is right across the street. You also occasionally see Thomas.

Basically, you are a joy to be around and we are so grateful that we were chosen to be your parents. Life as a parent has been so many things, but through it all, we have had a wonderful time seeing the little person you have become in 16 short months! Baby girl, we love you!

Savannah and Linus keeping a watch on the neighborhood!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This week!

Hello friends! It's been a nice week, full of some (finally!!) warm weather. Of course, it's supposed to get down to 50 degrees tomorrow, so we have been outside, soaking up the sun while we can!

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to go to Aunt Natalie's senior art show at Webster University. Of course, we think she is super talented, but obviously others do too because she won a $500 prize for having the best piece in the art show. We were so proud of her!

Since the show was right at Savannah's bed time, we spent most of the time outside with her. Here's a picture of Savannah with her biggest fan- Grandpa Mike!

On Saturday, we spent most of the day with Mick's parents, just hanging out. That night, the Metzger girls went to the Webster Conservatory performance of Legally Blonde: The Musical and the guys just hung out.

Sunday, Mick and I relaxed and took Savannah to the park for a while. It was a nice relaxing weekend!

Here's something interesting I did last week. As part of the high school's 80th anniversary, I wanted to take a picture of all of the students in the shape of an 80. However, that meant climbing on the roof of the school and taking the picture from 3 stories up. Add that to the list of job responsibilities that aren't exactly part of my contract! But it was fun to be so high up.

Here I am high in the sky! Don't look down!

Savannah decided to help clean the house on Sunday. I was so grateful for her assistance...
 This weekend, Uncle Tyler comes in town, so we'll get to spend some time with him. We are looking forward to seeing him.