Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Weekend!

So far, we have had a great Easter weekend. Mick was off on Good Friday because the market was closed, so we enjoyed having an extra day with Daddy! He played golf in the morning, and then Friday afternoon we headed off to the pediatric orthopedist to check out Savannah's hips. Because she was a breech baby, she needs to be monitored for shallow hip sockets. Luckily, hers have always been fairly normal. At 14 months, her sockets measure 26 and 28, which is within the normal range. Yay, Savannah!

Friday night, we hung out, and Mick went to watch basketball for a while.

Saturday, we took pictures with CW Photography, which is run by my friend Christina Weyers. She does such an amazing job- I can't wait to see the pictures. We went to the Botanical Gardens, which is such a beautiful place. We will definitely have to come back during the summer when everything outside is blooming. After that, we went to Fountains on Locust for lunch. What a neat place.

For dinner, we went to Grandma Judy's house, and she cooked an amazing Easter meal for us. She also gave us our Easter baskets. And yes, I'm a 30 year old who still gets Easter baskets from my mom. And I'm totally okay with it.

Tomorrow, we will go to church and then head to Perryville to spend Easter with the Hoeckele side of Mick's family. There should be a lot of people there, which is always fun.

Happy Easter!

For most people this is routine, but since it took her so long to sit up, I still get excited when I come in and see her sitting up in her bed. My little girl is getting so big!

Good morning! Ready for a fun family day!

This is apparently how we carry toys around our house. I officially think she's spending too much time with the dogs.

Rowing away in the canoe at the Missouri Botanical Gardens!

I love this picture. It shows how sweet they are together. And how Savannah has him wrapped around her finger!

Love the architecture at Fountains!

Baby's first ice cream sundae at Fountains on Locust. Actually, Mick ate most of it, but I thought it was too cute!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Man, am I bad at this blog stuff!

Obviously, since my last post (December 2011), things have changed just a bit. We welcomed Savannah Amy on January 9, 2013 through a scheduled C-section because she was breech. We went to the hospital at 9:30am, went into the operating room at 11:30 am, and she was born 6lbs, 15oz at 11:43am. The song Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera was playing on the radio in the delivery room.

Kind of an odd "welcome to the world" song, but here we are, nonetheless.

Currently, Savannah is 14 months old. She is cruising, but not walking on her own yet. She loves all food, mommy and daddy, and practicing walking. She just sat up from a prone position for the first time last Saturday. All of her developmental milestones are going well with the exception of gross motor. We are working with the Parents As Teachers people and we just saw First Steps the other day to see if we can't get her caught up.

She can say a lot of words, including "mama", "dada", "oh yeah" (which is in the style of Mr. T.), "ball", "baba" (bottle), "meow", "mooo", "dog", "whassa" (what's that?), "bath". Her first real word besides mama and dada was "E-i-e-i-o." I count it because she said it while I was singing the song to her.

Walking with her push toy- thank you Kyle, Laura and Kellen- I love it! At our house, we rock the diaper and sequined headband. That's just how we roll.

She HATED Santa, but loves the Easter Bunny. Personally, I find him a little scary, but what do I know...

Look at my eggs, Mom! I love Easter Eggs!

We are looking forward to a great Easter weekend this weekend- we plan to hang out, take family pictures on Saturday, and visit Perryville to see our Hoeckele cousins for Easter Sunday!