Thursday, April 28, 2016

Life lately- Opening Day edition!

Forgot this in my last post, so thought I'd add it!

Mick and I were lucky to get tickets through his office to go to the Cardinals Opening Day game vs. the Brewers. I have never been before, so it was fun to be downtown (along with what seemed like the entire St. Louis community) and celebrate a Cardinals win. Here's a few pictures from that game!

Mick and I in our Cards gear!

Ran into these boys downtown!

Tracy and I at the game!
And one more random thing. I try to put notes on Savannah's lunch each Friday- though she's not old enough to read, I hope that someday when she is, she will appreciate these notes. My mom used to write them all the way through high school- and now I think it was so sweet of her to do that!

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